On Saturday 23-rd of December a long-waited humanitarian bazaar of handy made items from recycled packing’s of Bitolsko mleko was held, which main goal was to collect means to help the children from SOS”Detsko selo” Macedonia.

Through interesting contents for the children with different activities and Ivce Pivce and Bitolskoto Chupe in main roles, the visitors of Vero Centar had the opportunity to have fun through rich New Year program and at the same time to give their contribution to SOS”Detsko selo”, by buying of some of the items that were made by the children in their kinder gardens, from several cities in the state.

“Being human is a virtues and true human value that needs to be cherished since early age. This big humanitarian bazaar and the collected donation are just a small symbolic gesture that with little effort and love we can achieve a lot, but we, as socially responsible company, carry on our cooperation with SOS”Detsko selo”, and also to act in direction of helping all socially vulnerable categories of citizen and in creating better society for all”-said Poleksena Jankulovska marketing manager in Bimilk.

The project “We collect and re-create with Bimilk” was realized during the last three months in 12 kindergartens and for its smooth implementation, the Ministry of labor and social policy gave its support that at the end resulted with more than 1000 manufactured items of recycled packing’s of Bitolsko mleko.

“Ministry of labor and social policy” always supports projects that are oriented to proper education of the children since early age and who are learning the true values, of the importance of preservation of the environment but also in encouraging their creativity and humanity. Bitolska mlekara is positive example of true socially responsible company focused on generous support of children”-state the Minister of labor and social policy, Mila Carovska.

Otherwise, beside the collected means at the very event, Bitolska mlekara also announced an additional donation for SOS”Detsko selo” in accordance with their needs.

“We have really wonderful and long cooperation with Bimilk and they sincerely solidarize with the children who are in the care of our organization, helping in many different ways, whether there is a cause or not. We are greatly honored that they organized this humanitarian event just for us and I sincerely believe that together we will successfully deliver the message to take care of our community in any domain of our activity”-said Julijana Nakova Gapo, National director of SOS”Detsko selo”.

In the first year of its realization, the project “We collect and re-create with Bimilk” was implemented in Ohrid, Bitola, Skopje, Kavadarci, Probishtip, Gevgelija, Kumanovo and Tetovo and from the next year it will include the other cities throughout Macedonia.

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