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Having a tradition since 1952, “Mlekara AD Bitola” (Joint Stock Company for Dairy Product Production- Bitola) is today the largest producer of milk and dairy products in the Republic Macedonia, meeting the daily needs of more than a million customers. The customers themselves are the focus of the business strategy of the company. From their needs and desires all business processes and activities begin in relation to the development, modernization and standardization of production.

The expansion of the assortment and creation of new products were enabled by following the world trends and investing in sophisticated new technology with full commitment to safety and quality of products and production process. This confirms the leading position of our company in the industry for milk and dairy products.

The company holds the ultimate standard for quality management and control of food safety – ISO 22000 (integrated standard of HACCP and ISO 9001) and environmental standard ISO 14000 and it is the only dairy product production company in R. Macedonia that has export number for export to European Union countries, which is a proof of the high quality of our products. With the implementation of these standards, “Mlekara AD Bitola” provides high-quality and safe products for the thousands of consumers who daily use its products. Therefore continuous improvement of quality and food safety, taking care to preserve and improve the environment, is the main goal and top priority of the company.

The success of a company, in addition to business results, comes also as a result of its active contribution to the development of the community. Humanitarian action “Embrace as a gift” has brought “Mlekara AD Bitola” a home prize and an international recognition for the best social practice in the category of large companies. The prize was awarded for participation of the initiative named ” The European System of Company Remuneration of Their Corporate Social Responsibility” in Brussels.

Protecting the environment is the foundation for healthy living and at the same time basic obligation of every individual, company or social community.
Providing consumers with healthy, tasty and nutritious products in order to raise the level of awareness about the necessity of a healthy and balanced diet.
As a socially responsible company, “Mlekara AD Bitola” cares to offer customers not only high quality but also to take a step further towards improving their living conditions.

Our History


Today’s milk, dairy products and juices industry Mlekara AD Bitola, began operating in the far 1952 when the milk enterprise ,,Mlekar” Bitola was formed from several trade enterprises thus establishing the first milk company in Macedonia. Back then, its daily capacities amounted to 10.000 liters.


Reconstruction of the milk company was made with a possibility of processing 20,000 liters of milk per day.


The milk company merged with the agricultural and industrial complex ,,Pelagonija” Bitola.


In December 1984, the milk company relocated to brand new facilities located on the road to the village of Dolno Orizari and successfully carries out its operations on this location to this day.


During the month of September, the milk company split from the agricultural and industrial factory ,,Pelagonija” Bitola, and in 1990-1991 starts with capital privatization.


The capital privatization completely concludes at the end of 1996. Currently the milk company is completely privately owned with 100% private capital.


The cheese making plant was opened, where different types of top quality white and yellow cheeses were being produced, which is a result of the successful implementation of the Macedonian tradition into the modern technology.


Mlekara Ad Bitola became part of the milk industry Danube Foods Group, meaning the Salford Investment Fund at the end of 2007. The 33 million euros investment of this Group was a result of the great manufacturing potential of Mlekara AD Bitola, good image and the trust built with the Macedonian consumers.


Danube Foods Group was acquired by the Mid Europe Partners Private Investment Fund. With this, Danube Foods Group becomes ,,Moi brendovi d.o.o.” and encompasses Bambi-Banat, Mlekara Subotica, Knjaz Miloš and Imlek Milk Company which owns several milk companies in region such as Novosadska Mlekara in Serbia, Imlek Boka in Montenegro, Mlekara AD I Mlijekoprodukt in Bosnia and Hercegovina and Mlekara AD Bitola in Macedonia.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Consumers recognize Bimilk’s brands as high-quality, healthy, and delicious, which is why the company, through socially responsible projects, also expresses a part of its gratitude for the trust it has been given for years.

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