Social Responsibility

“Mlekara AD Bitola” is a socially responsible company

The contribution of “Mlekara AD Bitola” to the welfare of the community is an important part of our corporate strategy. As a socially responsible company, “Mlekara AD Bitola” cares to offer customers not only high quality but also to take a step further towards improving their living conditions in society by helping sports, culture, education of young people and sincere solidarity to those groups of people most in need of assistance.

Thus, when in 2014 and 2015 our country and the countries of the region were affected by flooding, “Mlekara AD Bitola” was among the first companies that were actively involved in helping people through cash donations and donations in products. Despite these events, where assistance is urgently needed, the company continually uses all possibilities to help and support charity organizations, public kitchens, the Red Cross and the Children’s Embassy “Megjashi”. Numerous awards and acknowledgments awarded to “Mlekara AD Bitola” are just a reminder of the friendship between the company and these organizations.

Among other humanitarian projects, “Mlekara AD Bitola” participated in the activity called “Embrace as a gift” that stands out as a project we are particularly proud of. This charity activity was completed together with the organization “Danu Philanthropia” in the late 2012. What makes “Embrace as a gift” so special is the fact that it included children from all kindergartens in Macedonia. They created unique toys which were given to sick children lying in hospital rooms and those living in orphanages without their parents, wishing them health and happiness for the New Year holidays. In this way, children not only donated toys to other children, but had the opportunity from an early age to learn about the importance and the need for humanity and solidarity. This project included more than 150 kindergartens and more than 7,500 toys were made. This brought “Mlekara AD Bitola” an award for the best socially responsible practice and partnerships for 2012 in Macedonia, in the category “Community investment” intended for large enterprises. The company also won international recognition for this project – an Award for socially responsible company in Macedonia on European level (European CSR Award), which was awarded in Brussels, Belgium.

In order to help children with special needs by improving the conditions in institutions where they are accommodated, the idea of a charity action called “Humanity matters” was born. The activity was organized in cooperation with the “Tinex” markets. For this occasion several devices and accessories were donated together with some furniture for institutions that take care of children with special needs.

In 2015 “Mlekara AD Bitola” in cooperation with “Borka” performed the project “Pink and Healthy.” This activity was intended to provide funds that will be used for the prevention of breast cancer. Hence, during March, Bitolski yoghurt was sold with redesigned packaging, including the pink ribbon which informed the consumers that with every purchase of this product they are contributing to the fight against this disease. This project ended with great success and was outstandingly accepted by the public.

Despite activities focused on consumer health, the incentives to encourage consumers to lead active lifestyles are also essential for the company.

For this reason, in order to promote healthy living and sports games, “Mlekara AD Bitola” organized two events in 2012 and in 2013: “We balance Together” and “Olympics +” where young people through 10 fun games in several cities in Macedonia had the opportunity to win valuable prizes by working in a team and having fun through sports activities with the support of the “Balans +” products.

Besides sports, the company regularly supports cultural events, including: “Ohrid Summer Festival”, “Bitola Summer Festival”, “Bitola Open City” and others. “Mlekara AD Bitola” is a faithful supporter of young artists, participants of the art colony: “Small Bitola Montmartre”, traditionally held every year in Bitola and involving young artists from several countries.

In order to enable a new and fun way to educate children, in 2013 “Mlekara AD Bitola” in collaboration with the “Ramstore” markets organized the “Space Adventure”. Within this activity children had the opportunity to see a replica of the costume of the first man to set foot on the Moon, to see through robotic spectacles and learn in an interactive way many interesting facts about the universe that surrounds our planet.

All these developments reflect the commitment of “Mlekara AD Bitola” to measure their success not only according to the achieved financial results, but also by the number of individuals and groups of people included in charity and projects originating from the genuine intention of the company to contribute to the development both of the individual and the society.

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