Mission and Vision

Mission: Providing the consumers with healthy, tasty and nutritious products with the goal of raising awareness about the crucial importance of a healthy and balanced diet.

Vision: Expansion into a company with strong and recognized European brands which is driven by the needs and desires of the consumers, and most of all by quality foods and a healthy lifestyle.

Policy: As a company which is determined to maintain its leading position in the region in the dairy industry, AD Imlek decidedly carries out the following:
  • It fulfils the expressed and unexpressed demands of the consumers by maintaining a high level of quality and safety of its products;
  • Its provides its consumers with high quality services by constantly examining their demands and improving the services it offers;
  • Continuously improves its management system: of quality, food safety, environmental protection, health protection, work safety;
  • Adheres to and harmonizes its activities with the relevant legislation and other demands related to the quality and safety of all our products, processes, environmental protection and work safety;
  • Develops partner relationships with all its suppliers, choosing them so that the highest quality raw material is acquired with the least negative impact on the environment;
  • Improves and develops farms by raising awareness among farmers with the goal of ensuring sufficient quantities of milk whose quality and safety must meet the highest international standards;
  • Continuously works on the capacities of all the employees on all the levels, on raising their awareness about responsibility and the significance and impact of their activities on the safety of the product and the environment, as well as enhancing their motivation to carry out successful, safe and efficient work;
  • Plans and manages all the process in a way that ensures the fulfilment of goals with the least possible costs, optimal use of natural resources and minimal negative impact on the environment, health and safety of the employees and all of those that find themselves on the locations of AD Imlek;
  • Identifies and applies processes with the goal of improving efficiency regarding the use of materials and natural resources, the reduction or elimination of the use of dangerous matter, prevention of pollution and controlled waste;
  • Considers all the opinions and suggestions of all stakeholders and informs them of its commitment regarding this Policy and that all the employees carry out their activities in accordance with it and answer to it.
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