Environmental Protection

Protecting the environment is the foundation for healthy living and at the same time basic obligation of every individual, company or social community. “Mlekara AD Bitola” as a socially responsible company, highly values the systems that provide a cleaner and healthier environment, and their consistent implementation is its top priority.

Water consumption (L/L processing)

Year 2007 2016 2016 vs 2007
Water consumption 4.177 3.87 -7.35

Gas consumption (m3/L of processing)

Year 2011 2016 2016 vs 2011
Water consumption 0.019 0.017 -10.53

Electricity consumption (kWh/L processing)

Year 2011 2016 2016 vs 2011
Electricity consumption 0.09 0.120 33.3

Electricity consumption (kWh/L processing)

Year 2007 2012 2016 2016 vs 2012
Amount of waste 0.004 0.008 0.005 - 37.5
% recycled 39.14 60.60 73.48 21.25

Imlek continuously works on the technical and technological improvement of its processes and in that process, applies the best available technique (BAT). Every year a plan is developed to foresee savings, wherever it is possible, regarding energy efficiency. In that way we save and contribute to the reduction of the negative impact on the environment.

The main goal of “Mlekara AD Bitola” in this section is continuous planning and implementation of projects, measures and activities with which the processes and environmental protection are improved and adjusted to the new changes in legislation.
With the consistent implementation of the Quality Policy, food safety, environmental protection and health and safety at the workplace, the following results were achieved for 2014 in relation to reduction in consumption of natural resources per litre of processed milk in production plants of the company compared to 2012, i.e. after the implementation of the standard:

• the total water consumption was reduced by 38.5%
• the total electricity consumption was reduced by 2,4 %
• the total consumption of oil was decreased by 15.2%

Hence, in 2012 the company received the certificate for the system on management of the environmental protection according to ISO 14001: 2004, which has been continuously improved and maintained. This certification is the result of many years of consistent implementation of the policy of quality, food safety, environmental protection and health, safety at the workplace and objectives of the management systems.

“Mlekara AD Bitola” each year prepares a program for waste management and report on its implementation which is submitted to the relevant institutions. In the implementation of the program for waste management in 2014 the following results were achieved, compared to 2012 per liter of processed milk in the production plants of the company:

• total amount of generated waste decreased by 18.99%
• total amount of recycled waste has increased by 8.49%

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