On the occasion of 1st July, World’s day of milk, “Bimilk” organized big party filled with many joint activities with the children from the humanitarian organization “SOS Detsko selo”. At the event, this year donation of “Bimilk” that covers the annual needs for milk of the children of “Detsko selo” was also announced and it is part of the annual contract for cooperation between the two companies.

In order to make this significant day even more beautiful that point out the meaning of the milk in the children’s nutrition, the company organized a superb party with numerous surprises and activities for all the children under the care of SOS. The recognizable “Bitolsko Chupe” along with the part of the employees at “Bimilk”, during the three hour event played with the children, socialized with them and acquired new friendships, at the same time teaching them that since early age they have to establish healthy habits and to drink milk regularly. They were the main actors of the event from whom the children couldn’t  stay apart. The excitement continued when the magic show and jugglers took over and caused a lot of laughter, but also the puppet show that was watched with admiration.

“Bimilk as socially responsible company had its focus on the children and their proper growth and development, many generations grew up with our products. It is in this year that we celebrate 65 years of work in Macedonia that we want to point out again that we are a company that takes care of the wellbeing of everybody, especially of the vulnerable categories.

Donations are the foundation of our corporative working, but what encourages us the most  is not to forget about the true values,  the smiling faces of the children, the opportunity to make their everyday life more beautiful and to bring more joy in their hearts. The day of milk is just an occasion and reminder of our long-term and sincere solidarity towards these categories of citizens”, stated Poleksena Jankulovska marketing manager in Bimilk.

“Bimilk has become our longtime partner and I am really glad that they are able to recognize and satisfy our real needs. With this amount we are actually providing the everyday needs of the children for milk for a whole year and I am particularly happy that our children had an opportunity to spend quality time with the friends from this company” said Aleksandra Ivanovski, director of programs of “SOS Detsko selo” Skopje.

Traditionally, the company “Bimilk” celebrates the world’s day of milk in humanitarian manner with donations for more organizations and associations, taking care of the good health of the socially vulnerable categories.

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