Fresh milk is a synonym for fantastic and full taste of the milk. However, one glass of fresh milk hides a large number of essential nutrients and it is excellent source of vitamins, proteins and calcium that helps in building and strengthening of bones, protecting teeth and feeding  muscles.


It is because of these positive effects to our body, that fresh milk is favorite milk of many scientists and nutritionists and of course to the largest number lovers of this healthy potion for years.


Following the world trends, consumer’s desires and recommendations of the world’s top nutritionists, Bimilk offers to the Macedonian market fresh milk with highest quality from the best domestic farms.


Unlike the packaging in which we were accustomed to buy the fresh milk in the past, Bitola fresh milk comes in opaque cardboard packing that provides absolute milk protection and thus maintaining its superb quality.

This milk contains a wealth of nutrients that are important to maintain the health in this modern stressful everyday life where a large part of the population faces health problems.


Bimilk fresh milk contains large number of proteins, vitamins A, D and E, minerals, nutrients, amino acids and calcium. The fresh milk contains ideal combination of calcium and phosphorus that enables their full body utilization.

In 100 ml milk there are between 100 and 150 mg of calcium and the daily need of the body is between 700 and 1200 mg, depending on the age, sex and health condition.

Regular drinking fresh milk contributes to having healthy bones; smooth and elastic skin affects the prevention of dehydration of the body and helps in the fight against osteoporosis.


Recommendation from the nutritionists is to consume fresh milk regularly, especially the younger generation that is still growing and developing.

Because of its unique characteristics and rich flavor, Bitola fresh milk is without competition, the best quality and  tastiest cow milk on the market.

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