On 23rd  December at 12 o’clock in Vero Centar in Skopje the final event will be held within the big project “We collect and re-create with Bimilk”, that has been realized for the past three months in several kinder gardens in Macedonia.

The event is humanitarian and objects made of Bitola milk package  will be exhibited that the children made in the previous period in their kinder gardens and the visitors will have an opportunity by buying them to donate for SOS “Detsko selo” Macedonia.

Actually, beside education in taking care of the nature and creation of healthy habits through consummation of milk and dairy products, it is the humanity that was the main goal of this big project in which nearly 2.000 children from 8 cities in Macedonia, together with their favorite “Bitolsko Chupe”, learned about solidarity toward the ones that have less and how to help each other.

“We are very happy that children from all cities that we visited accepted our initiative very well and if we succeeded to send our massage at least to half of them, for cherishing true values the mission is fulfilled for us. Therefore we call upon all the participants in this project, also those who want to see the work of children and to donate for SOS “Detsko selo”, to visit us on Saturday at Vero Centar, to enjoy in the festive programe that we have prepared and together to show our humanity in action”, stated Poleksena Jankulovska, marketing manager in Bimilk.

Otherwise, a rich New Year’s program  will be presented for the humanitarian bazaar  where main role Ivce Pivce and Bitolsko Chupe  have, but a lot of games, fun, performances and awards for the youngest are also planned.

Exactly before the holidays period, when it is time for gifts, sharing beautiful moments and true solidarity towards the children, Bitola Diary and Vero are inviting everyone interested to show their humanity, to give their contribution for SOS “Detsko selo”Macedonia and to spend this Saturday afternoon with very entertaining activities for the whole family.



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