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As part of the Imlek company’s big socially responsible action “Moja Kravica- Rasti srecno”, today there was a ceremony opening another children’s playground, this time in Novi Sad. The ribbon was cut by the assistant mayor of Novi Sad, Aleksandar Petrovic and Imlek’s Marketing Director, Slobodan Sreckovic.

By building the playground, Imlek has made an effort to ensure the nicest possible playing environment for the youngest citizens of Novi Sad. The new “Moja Kravica” playground in the Aleja Mike Antica is equipped to cater to the different needs of kids of all ages where they will spend unforgettable moments of their childhood.

“It gives us great pleasure that we continue this socially responsible action this time in Novi Sad, and that we are opening a children’s playground as part of it. We are exceptionally pleased that in this way we can ensure a happy childhood for children across Serbia. We will continue with the action by building children’s playgrounds this year in other towns as well. Moja Kravica has for decades been the favorite milk of our consumers and we are proud that with this action, we are contributing to the carefree growing up of our youngest ones”, said Slobodan Sreckovic, Marketing Director at the Imlek Company.

“We are happy that the Imlek company has recognized the need to ensure that our youngest fellow citizens can, accompanied by playing, live out the loveliest part of their lives- a healthy and happy childhood. In the name of the town of Novi Sad, I thank the Imlek company on the Moja Kravica playground which will make many kids happy, as they represent our biggest treasure and future”, said Milos Vucevic, Mayor of Novi Sad.

The Imlek company gathers twice a day 800.000 liter of milk of exceptional quality, from 4.000 carefully selected family farms in Serbia. Rich in taste, it preserves all the natural and nutritious ingredients, ideal for a healthy diet for the whole family.  Moja Kravica is the right choice for everyone, especially for the youngest ones, because it ensures their healthy growth and development and the most important thing- a happy childhood”.

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