Kindergartens in Bitola also got air purifiers by the initiative started by Bimilk


On the initiative of Bitola diary and in cooperation with the companies “Kromberg and Schubert” and “Sinpeks”  donation was made today  of 14 air purifiers   of top quality intended for the kindergartens “Estreja Ovadija –Mara” and “Majski Cvet” with their own clowns.


The first donation refers to the playrooms where there are nurseries and it was  made in the kindergarten “Prolet” where  the mayor Natasha Petrovska was present who on the behalf of the municipality and the kindergarten symbolically received the donation.


“In conditions where there is high risk of pollution  of air in Bitola and on recommendation especially for the children to reside in closed rooms with purified air, this donation is really welcomed and of great importance  in order to reduce their exposure to hazardous particles. Companies which are donators  confirmed such necessity  and this positive example  should be  used as an  incentive for the other companies to be socially responsible and to act into direction  of the improvement of the quality of life of the youngest”, stated Natasha Petrovska  mayor of the municipality of Bitola


From Bimilk they said that the ultimate goal is to secure air purifiers for all objects and playrooms where children stay from these two kindergarten and donations were already given by the companies “Kromberg and Schubert” and “Sinpeks”. At the same time that incentive was already started by dr Petra Pop Ristova an ecologist and a parent of child that stays in one of the kindergartens.


Inspired by the project of the Rotary Club “Kamen most” Skopje, “Clean air for the youngest” we decided and conducted similar incentive  for children form Bitola especially that Bimilk as a company in every sense of the word  has the children’s health in its main focus. Honestly, I hope that other companies as well will be included in the action,  in order easily and faster to secure all necessary purifiers and by that we  mutually  contribute for better  health  and everyday life of children  stated, Poleksena Jankulovska,  marketing manager at Bimilk


It is our great pleasure that we were included in this action that we are conscious that in that way we really opposite to the more actual problem with the air pollution and by that we contribute for control of the level of the presence of the participles PM 2.5 in the rooms where our children stay stated  from “Kromberg and Schubert”.






“Exactly the large companies are those that can and should show their corporative liability in action and to make a step further towards improvement of the conditions especially when we are dealing with the youngest. The furnishing of these playrooms, I hope it is only the beginning and in the following period other companies will seriously consider for joining to the initiative”, stated Hristina Funa from “Sinpeks”.


“As a concerned parent I think it is of exclusive importance conditions for better health to be secured and general for better functioning during their day .Provoked by the numerous appeals children not to be exposed to such hazardous particles from the air I primarily addressed to the municipality of Bitola and I am really thrilled that there were companies that share my opinion and that have come forward to provide these purifiers”, stated dr Petra Pop Ristova.


This donation of 14 purifiers of air is actually the first phase of furnishing of playrooms in the kindergartens in Bitola but the donators announced recent continuation of the project.


However, kindergartens “Estreja Ovadija Mara”  and “Majski cvet” have on their disposal 16 objects where there 6 playrooms for daily stay of children with total surface of about 9000m2 . In order to cover the all functional surface it is necessary additional supply of air purifiers so that the companies that are donators as well as the municipality of Bitola make an appeal to the other companies to show their humanity and to contribute for better health of all children.

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