Milk is the important part of our nutrition. We start drinking it since we were children and afterwards we consume it as adults.

Some people avoid milk because they are afraid that it contains too much fat for their healthy nutrition, other think that they are old enough to drink the potion they drank as children, third simply because they think they have no more health benefit from it. Yet, the scientists and the experts revealed that we are never too old to enjoy in the benefits of drinking milk, especially fresh milk, which is a true trend in the world.

Fresh milk which unlike the past, there is no need to be cooked, contains large number of nutrients and is an excellent source of vitamins and proteins and of course here are the great benefits for the human being, like elastic and healthy skin, healthy bones and teeth, firm muscles, reduced stress and healthier body.


1. Shiny skin

Cleopatra had baths in milk so that her skin should have remained elastic, soft and shining. We can achieve the same by drinking several glasses of fresh milk per day. Fresh milk has certain nutritional values that help the skin to shine and to remain healthy and some amino acids that the milk contains provide the hydration of the skin.


2. Healthy bones and teeth

Fresh milk is an excellent source of calcium, which is essential for us to have healthy bones. This means that not only the children have the need of fresh milk while their bones are still developing, but also the adults who have to maintain their bones healthy and firm in order to prevent osteoporosis. Fresh milk is also good for the teeth; it prevents their decay and creation of cavities. In order calcium to be absorbed in the body, the presence of the vitamin D is necessary. If we have vitamin D deficiency, we should drink fresh milk that contains calcium and is rich with vitamin D.


3. Muscles


Fresh milk contains proteins that help in building of the muscles. A glass of fresh milk after exercise provides faster recovery of the body during which it prevents dehydration after the loss of liquids during the physical activity.











4. Weight loss


The last studies revealed that women, who drink only fresh milk, do not need food for a longer period and they don’t eat snacks throughout the day. A glass of fresh milk during the break with piece of fruit is an ideal meal instead of some unhealthy snacks.


5. Less stress


Glass of warm milk fresh milk at the end of the day helps us to relax our muscles and nerves. It is proven that the fresh milk reduces the symptoms of PMS and gives us energy; Glass of milk before sleeping is an excellent choice that provides good sleep because the milk contains tryptophan-amino acid that stimulates the sleep.


6. Healthy body


Fresh milk reduces the high blood pressure and the risk of stroke. It reduces the production of cholesterol in the liver and can also affect as antacid. Vitamins A and Be that the fresh milk contains can help in maintaining good sight and in general to maintain the good condition of the body.

“Bimilk” in its rich palette of milk products has Bitola fresh milk with 3, 2 % milk fat. Obtained from the best farms in Macedonia, the high quality Bitola fresh milk does not need to be cooked.

Beside all the nutritive advantages that the long-life milk offers, Bitola fresh milk is nutrient, tasty and its regular consummation provides children with the largest number of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for their healthy and proper growth and development.




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