Dairy products, especially yoghurt, are an indispensable company during the hot summer days. It not only truly refreshes us; it also gives us the necessary energy to function and to feel comfortable during the high summer temperatures.

But did you ever wonder what is the reason for that? We point out the 5 most significant reasons why yoghurt is the best company right during the summer period:

1. Refreshes – Primarily, of course the most important and basic reason is that the yoghurt refreshes us. Served in correct, ideal temperature, it cools down the whole body, same as the fruit. But, at the same time, when the sun makes us feel weary and tired, yoghurt will instantly give the necessary energy and it may be perfect substitution for light meal.

2. It helps in the fight against excess weight –it is no secret that during the summer season we pay particular attention to the nutrition. The presence of calcium in yoghurt prevents the creation of cortisol in the body and this hormone is also named as “stress hormone “which affects the increasing of the blood pressure and glucose in the blood. Unbalanced quantity of cortisol leads to weight gain and increased anxiety, so daily intake of half liter Bitola yoghurt is enough to confront the problem. It particularly helps in burning the fats and in disposing of the excess salt in the body. And with its characteristics positively affects the body line and the blood pressure.

3. Health benefits – Why it is important for us to be healthy especially in summer? The answer is simple: better immune system helps us to endure the high summer temperatures that sometimes reach even 40 degrees. Bitola yoghurt helps in digesting the food, also helps for easier absorption of the nutritive values of the other food we take, further, it helps in treating the abdominal infections and of course in improving of the immune system.

4. Excellent combination with any kind of food – With fruit or salads, or as adding to some meal, the yogurt is an ideal solution for cooling and refreshing in the hot summer days. It is easily combined with any kind of food and what makes it very important is that as a light, summer and fresh combination, it will be indispensable company on high temperatures. Additionally, as a natural source of calcium, minerals and vitamins, Bitola yoghurt is recommended in the daily diet at any age, any time and with any food.

5. Always in the family circle – during the summer period, especially during the vacations, we want to be around our loved ones. It is already well known that the Bitola yoghurt is always in the family circle. It cherishes the family values, tradition of the family dining table and unites us during the meals. So, when it is the most important if not in the summer? Therefore, gather your family and close ones on the next summer family lunch and together enjoy in the moments and the rich table where the presence of the irreplaceable Bitola yoghurt is mandatory.


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