It is already well known that the Bitola yoghurt is always in the family circle. It cherishes the family values, tradition and common family moments, but also knows how to surprise, to encourage friendship and mutual joy around the table.

Thus, in an interesting action, Bitola yoghurt was present in the circle of the famous families. Knowing that because of their engagement in the public life, they, without any doubt, take good care of their health and good looks, the famous “Bitolsko Chupe” visited their homes and gave unique presents.

Charming Maja Grozdanovska-Pancheva, wife of the famous football player Darko Panchev, greeted us with open doors and the daughters Nadica and Marija were especially surprised from the gift.

Panchevi said that the good health and vitamin and nutrients consumption are particularly important for their nutrition, but what is an imperative during their meal is gathering of the whole family.

“Bitolskoto chupe” visited Sanja Ristikj and Dejan Pecakovski also, the famous couple that recently have the third and most important family member-Ian. Of course friend from Bimilk didn’t omit him, so he got his own unique cup.

Sanja is also famous for her active way of life and she is the great promoter of practicing healthy habits, so Bitola yoghurt came to her as a full hit. Moreover for the young Ian it is exceptionally important to take additional quantity of calcium, necessary for proper growth and development of his bones.


In this interesting action, the grandchildren of the famous actress Snezhana Konevska Rusi, Pavel and Sasha, weren’t left out. “It is always most comfortable at grandma’s” they often say and the surprise at their doorstep made their day even more beautiful.


“My grandchildren are my greatest joy” says Snezhana and when they take all the necessary minerals and vitamins, I am the happiest. To be honest, it is also important for me that the Bitola yoghurt has positive impact to the body shape and the blood pressure and it is excellent in combination with any kind of food at any time of the year” said Snezhana.


While these 3 families enjoyed the pleasant taste of Bitola yoghurt with their loved ones, “Bitolskoto chupe” and the friends of Bimilk prepare themselves for the next adventure to surprise new families and make their day also more beautiful.


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