Mlekara AD Bitola began a great humanitarian action in which it donated 12 000 packages of “Bitola gust yoghurt” to many institutions and organizations all over Macedonia.


This action covered institutions and centers for children care like SOS Detsko selo, JU for care of children with educational and social problems, Daily Centre for homeless children from Shuto Orizari and Institute for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth in Butel. Additionally, the humanitarian organization “Iskra” and the association “Ilinden” were also covered by this donation.

New “Bitola gust yoghurt” is a true choice for everyone  who wants to feel good during the day. The full taste and the creamy structure of “Bitola gust yoghurt” will make this product to become an integral part of your every meal. “Bitola gust yogurt” is ideal and very nutritive quality meal in combination with the favorite food. It is produced according to a traditional home-based recipe of the highest quality milk.


As a socially responsible company, “Bimilk” beside these initiatives, when help is more than welcomed, constantly helps and supports the humanitarian organizations, public kitchens, Red Cross and children institutions,  which  is confirmed  by numerous awards and acknowledgments.


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