Nearly 2.000 children from 60 kinder gardens from Macedonia will participate in creative educational workshops for preservation of the environment

As socially responsible company, Bitola Diary began new big project under the name” We collect and re-create with Bimilk” which main goal is encouraging the habits for preservation of the environment since early age.

The project implies realization of educational workshops for children  at the age of  4 to 5  and they include nearly 2.000 children from more than 60 kinder gardens all over the country. It is about an initiative where Bimilk encourages children to collect empty packs of Bitola milk and afterwards to make different useful objects that can have everyday use, in order to learn the importance of recycling and protection of the environment from the early age.

At the same time, the purpose of this project is to encourage humanity in children because at the end the items will be exhibited on a large humanitarian bazaar on which the collected means will be donated for SOS “Detsko selo” Macedonia.

“It is a great pleasure that we started this project, particularly because at the same time we touch more significant segments of the society. With these workshops not only that we educate children about ecology as important aspect of the society, but at the same time we also encourage their humanity, because with their engagement they actually help where it is most needed. Additionally, through creative socialization with the recognizable “Bitolsko Chupe”,we will teach them for the importance of  acquiring healthy habits and consumption of milk and dairy products since their early childhood”’ stated Poleksena Jankulovska marketing manager in Bimilk.

The contribution towards the community is important part of the corporative strategy of Bimilk, helping in many areas and sincere solidarity towards the children. In that direction, in order to make a contribution in the area of ecology, Bimilk announced this project designed for the youngest, in order that the care for the nature starts since early age.

“This year we started with the educational workshops as a pilot-project that will be implemented in the kinder gardens in Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo, Kumanovo, Probishtip, Ohrid, Gevgelija and Kavadarci, but our true effort will be to continue in the following years, in order the messages for protection of the environment, taking care of the health and encouraging the humanity, to touch as larger number of children as possible in whole Macedonia” added Jankulovska.

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