Bitola, 27.02.2017: the largest dairy factory in Macedonia continues to invest in highest technology and increasing of the production capacities. The latest investment of 2 million Euros referred to supplying of modern equipment for filling PET bottles. The equipment is already delivered in the Dairy and by that  brands “Bitolski yogurt”, “Bitolski gust yoghurt” and Balans+ are produced in PET packaging.


The new “ultra clean” machine from the newest generation, provides greater security and exceptional quality of the products. It is about flexible machine that can fill different forms of products in range of 250 g to 1 500 g. This most modern machine has a capacity of filling from 6000 to 7000 bottles that will lead to increasing of the production capacities of the Dairy factory for 50%.


“The new machine that will increase the production capacity in the Dairy factory, will provide, primarily, satisfaction of the needs of the growing number of consumers. Our long-term goal is to maintain the leading position at the market and we can do this if we look around the needs of the consumers and with constant investment in the quality of the products and improvement of the production.

Thanks to the new investment, the consumers can enjoy in their favorite products: Bitolski yoghurt, Bitolski gust yoghurt and Balans+ in more practical PET-bottle” stated Poleksena Jankulovska, marketing manager in Bimilk.


Bimilk is leader in milk production and dairy products in Republic of Macedonia. This year the company celebrated 65 years of work. As a result of the continuous investments, improvement of the production process and constant enrichment of its  product, Bimilk today is the largest dairy present on our market and enjoys the trust of millions of consumers.

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