Visiting Cow farm “Milko HF”


With tradition since 1952, Diary AD Bitola today is the largest producer of milk and dairy products in R. Macedonia, satisfying the everyday needs of more than a million consumers.


Despite the long tradition and investing in the interests of the consumers that are also in the focus of the business strategy of the company, Bimilk continues to invest also in the development, modernization and standardization of the production.

Additionally, the continuous development of milk production through implementing modern techniques and technologies, building new farms, education of the farmers to provide sufficient quantities of quality raw milk that complies with the highest world standards-are only additional factors that at the same time are emphasizing the excellent cooperation and the dedication of Bimilk to their subcontractors.


Maintaining Bimilk’s correct partnership relations with its suppliers, as well as the positive impact on the development of the farms in order of providing quality raw material, are also reflected in the cooperation   with the cow farm “Milko HF” from v. Lagovo, Prilep.


“Milko HF” from family farm became successful and profitable business. From only 56 cows in 1997, reached the current number of 400 large livestock. From the current 100 tones milk monthly, it has ambitious plan for development with 226 tons of milk until 2021.


In fact, the cow farm “Milko HF” is another successful story to see that with good development plan, management and dedication to work, from small family business  one has become one of the largest subcontractors of the larger dairy industry in Macedonia, the dairy “Bimilk”.


Vladimir Nebrezhanec, founder of the cow farm, tells how they started to work on “Milko HF” 20 years ago together with his son.

“20 years ago my son made a strong decision that he wanted to exist from a farm with cows. That was a good reason for me to  make an appointment in  Diary Bitola and we reached an agreement immediately. The farm in  the 3rd month of 1999, was developed for the cultivation of 60 dairy cows and appropriate offspring, as well as necessary storage space for food and equipment.


Ever since, we keep growing, improving, our livestock fund growing year by year, and of course the quantity of raw milk that we produce”, says Vladimir Nebrezhanec, current advisor at cow farm “Milko HF” .

He says that their growth is also due to continued investments, in terms of supply of equipment, increasing the livestock, new barns and storage space etc.

“When you invest in something continuously, especially if you have calculated developing plan, the growth of the business is inevitable and reliable. Here, the undisputable fact is that major merit for the growth of our farm belongs to Bimilk also,  which constantly one way or another invest in the improvement of our business. It is important to say that in 2014 with the support from Bimilk we expanded the fund of heifers for + 50 heads, adds Mr. Nebrezhanec.


Thus, today the cow farm “Milko HF” has a livestock fund of 400 heads, from which 165 are dairy cows and delivers more than 3000 l milk daily, that is over 100 tons of milk on monthly level.

However, his son, today owner of the cow farm, Mr. Kiril Nebrezhanec, explains that at this moment they have 4 barns of tied system where the cows are located, on a total area of 3000 m2 and storage space of area around 2.500 m2 and all this in order to satisfy their ambitious plans, announcements that within the period 2018-2020 they plan a new barn of untied system for additional 3360 m2.

“The development of our farm is due thanks to the safe placement of the quantities of raw milk that we deliver and the successful long-term cooperation with the largest milk processing factory Diary Bitola ”. Thanks to this cooperation we provide long-term and stable ransom of the produced cow milk and that is a prerequisite for safe investment and expanding of the reproduction” says Kiril Nebrezhanec.

He also referred to the factors for development of their business and continuing support that they get from Bimilk in terms of supply of technics and technology, expert counsels and consultations in everyday current matters and problems from farmers-specialists from the European countries, further, financial support in supply of food and raw materials, support for development and increasing of the capacities etc.


“From Bimilk we already have announced support for the development of our new barn I mentioned before, that it will be with capacity of around additional 350 cow heads and


for the next 2018 we are planning an investment for new 35 dairy cows,  by which we plan to increase the production of milk of 145 tons of raw milk monthly” stated Mr. Nebrezhanec.

He pointed out that  also until 2020 they are  planning to have 290 dairy cows and up to 2026 even up to 480 heads, which is increasing of the livestock for total 315 heads of the current 165.

“With a plan like this, we estimate that in the next 10 years we will reach the delivery from 4420 tons raw milk,  and I don’t deny that it is an ambitious plan , but is very real and calculated “he adds.


Mr. Nebrezhanec, talking about the mutual positive interest that they have with Bimilk for the increased production of cow milk, pointed out:

“We know and we can produce quality raw cow milk and Bitola Diary  knows how to buy it out, process it and at the end to sell quality products in order to satisfy the milk market in Macedonia”.

During the visit of the cow farm “Milko HF”, Mr. Dragan Ilievski, the manager of raw materials from Bimilk was present, who pointed out which way the dairy factory improves the quality of the primary milk production and all the investments it does towards its cooperatives.

“As the largest milk producer in the country, Bitola Diary  constantly invests into the Macedonian milk industry in many ways, but primarily through support and investment in the primary milk production.  It is of great importance  to invest in the quality of the primary raw material if we want at the end of the day to have quality products on the shelves and thus to satisfy our strict standards and of course the demands of our loyal consumers”, stated Mr. Dragan Ilievski.


He  pointed out many measures and ways that Bimilk uses to stimulate farmers in order to improve the effectiveness of their work. Primarily, he mentioned the stable ransom of milk that they guarantee to their farmers, furthermore the investments in education of farmers, financial support for agricultural equipment, technology, cattle food, expansion of the capacities of the farms and of course import of heifers which in the last few years resulted with increasing of the ransom of raw milk for 30 percents.


“The quality of the raw milk must comply with all parameters according to the European policy. We recognize the quality and it is most important to fight for really quality raw material especially when we are facing with lack of milk on the market.


“Milko HF”, is a successful example for cow farm that provides high quality and participates in more than 3% of the total ransom of Bitola Diary”, pointed out Mr. Ilievski.


In the next 2 to 3 years, Mr. Ilievski revealed that Bimilk is planning financial support for supply of new quality dairy cows, support in improving of the old and building new barns intended for dairy livestock, support for supply of new milking systems and computer systems for farm management, as well as support in providing quality genetic material through promotion of the artificial insemination with seed of progeny tested bulls of highest quality.

In this direction, during the visit of the cow farm “Milko HF”, it was announced that as before so in the future, Bitola Diary plans to continue with similar stimulating measures toward its cooperatives in order to provide more quality raw milk and by this to satisfy the requirements and expectations of the consumers.

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